What is Black Future Month?

Black Future Month is a collaborative event hosted by Educators, Business Owners, Gamer Makers, and Community leaders who are committed to creating a positive Black Future. This year BFM will be an online experience consisting of weekly Roundtables/Workshops and Challenges.

Is this the Same as Black History Month?

Black Future Month will not replace or compete with Black History Month. This will be an intentional month of collaborative programming to envision a positive and prosperous Black Future using 7 Adrinkra symbols as guiding principles.

What events can I expect?

Every Saturday you can expect a Roundtable discussion on the weekly themes: Black Health, Education, Wealth, and Love. Each Friday will be family game night where we will promote Black owned games for your family to support and play. Every Thursday we encourage you to spend intentional time with your family or loved ones, we will provide activity suggestions but the important thing is to have that family time. Each Wednesday you can expect our community to post wise words and provide positive energy via social media with the hashtags #wisewordwednesdays and #BFMwisewords. We have a full month of activities and positive energy for you!

Is this event Family friendly?

Absolutely! There is only one adult only event on June 24th. The rest are open to all ages.

Is this event virtual or in person?

This is a virtual event but make sure you take what you learn in the virtual environment to the real world.

How do I register for Black Future Month?